2022 Postdoctoral Fellow

2022-2024 Marilyn J. Gittell Postdoctoral Fellowship recipient at CUNY’s Graduate Center, Kahina Meziant was deeply inspired by her encounters with community organisations and nonprofits working to ‘integrate’ or ‘include’ people seeking asylum in the UK. Her PhD project conducted alongside these organisations led her to critically engage with these notions and the overarching philosophy, policy and political economy of State-led narratives that permeate civil society’s aspiration to build an equitable society. Her own lived experience of migration and her Amazigh Indigenous cultural and spiritual grounding serve as the source of her sensitive and nuanced approach to questions of belonging and citizenship, ‘race’ and racial capitalism, systemic violence and the carceral systems that reproduce it, and ultimately drive her mission to envision, build, and rehearse more just organisational systems in an increasingly complex world. Her creative and artistic work affords her the space to express affective experiences that exceed the constraints of academic knowledge production, as well as being developed as modes of social research inquiry. Through poetry and music, she explores ways of addressing the political economy of migration management regimes, historicisation of migrations, (dis)integration in/of the Nation-State, and the possibilities for alternative world-making.